beHOLD - A Script for After Effects


beHOLD is a 1-click-solution to change the keyframe interpolation type of your selected keyframes to HOLD, LINEAR or BEZIER. You can choose to apply it just to the IN, the OUT or both sides. This is a non-destructive operation as velocity values are not being changed.

Nine Options:

- Select keyframes and click the desired button to set the keyframe interpolation type. Use modifier keys for additional operations:

IN: Set IN to Hold:

- Click: Keep current OUT

- Shift-Click: Set OUT to Linear

- Alt-Click: Set OUT to Bezier

- Ctrl-Click: Choose to show Tool Tips


- Click: Set IN+OUT to Hold

- Shift-Click: Set IN+OUT to Linear

- Alt-Click: Set IN+OUT to Bezier

- Ctrl-Click: Change UI Orientation: Switch between the horizontal and vertical layout, when using beHOLD as a floating or docked palette

OUT: Set OUT to Hold:

- Click: Keep current IN

- Shift-Click: Set IN to Linear

- Alt-Click: Set IN to Bezier

If you use , the script works with it as well plus SVG icons are provided.

Have fun!

Standalone script works with CS6+. (KBar works with CC2015+.)

Change Log:

v1.2 - 180113:

- works now with all keyframes: properties, masks, effects…

- option to turn off tool tips

v1.12 - 180109:

- fix: closing beHOLD works now, when being launched from the "Scripts"-folder as well. (Was just an issue, when not using the "ScriptUI Panels"-folder.)

v1.11 - 180104:

- icons in standalone version are more responsive to modifier keys

- overview also available as PDF

v1.1 - 180101:

- added alternative behaviours via shift and alt click

v1 - 171231:

- initial release 

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beHOLD - A Script for After Effects

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