Shift in Time


⫶⫶⫶ Free as of Dec 07 2021. ⫶⫶⫶

A Script for After Effects

Shift Layers, In- or Out-Points

Display and Select your Timeline Layers

→ Mac & Windows, After Effects CC required


Attention regarding one very specific version of After Effects:

After Effects June 2019 release (version 16.1.2):

Unfortunately, this version has a bug from Adobe's side, which results in flickering / disappearing of vector graphics within ScriptUI panels. As Shift in Time is completely build with these elements, this draws it pretty much unusable and may even result in breaking the script. 😕

This specific behavior doesn't exist in prior versions of After Effects and has been fixed via the release of After Effects 2020 (version 17.0) in November 2019. Thanks for your understanding.

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Shift in Time

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